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We're honoured to have had one of our pieces selected to appear in a cool new zine, it will be launching Z5 at A New Year's Word Zoo: Thrown Gauntlet Festival Warmup on 24th January at The Chintz Symposium in Falmouth, Cornwall, we may or may not be there but you should absolutely go.

January 24th 2018 

Our new web store is open! Find the link on the menu, or visit us here. We will add products regularly, but if what you want isn't there, ask us!

October 2017

Our new piece, 'A Sea Change' is on show at 'Imagine Falmouth', Falmouth Art Gallery. We would love to see you there. The piece is for sale, as well as being up for a public vote (wink wink).

November 11th 2017-

January 20th

Tuesdays at 7pm

Some of us help to run a local life drawing class on Tuesday evenings at The Old Bank, Camelford. The sessions run from 7-9:30 and cost £10 (there is also a membership cost, but come and try it out first!)

Untutored, although most artists can be persuaded to give tips with virtually no encouragement