GRANITE&GLITTER are an arts collective based in North Cornwall, UK. Our membership draws on a shared past in the creative arts to create work filled with a heady mix of folklore, glam rock, open moors and brooding skies.

We are determined not to paint any more seascapes than strictly necessary.

We want to challenge the idea that artists in Cornwall can only survive by producing paintings of boats, or pictures that involve blue and white stripes. The world is big, and easier to navigate online by the day. Our location is only part of our story and we are looking forward to telling it.

We've only just begun, and although at the moment we are producing work through digital methods we are a multidisciplinary group who fully intend to produce paintings, sculpture, drawings, installations and anything else we damn well please.

If you think you can help, let us know.




 Glam rock farmers, dilly-dally-tantes and snakeskin mystics. Almost as clever as we think we are.