Who are we?

and what have we done...

For the moment, Granite and Glitter is a bit of a closed book. We'd like the work to speak for itself, so who we all are is a bit of a mystery. For the curious, we all marched down the A30 one day from 'up country', leaving careers in art, theatre and fashion in the pursuit of the good life, or something like it. 

As far as we can tell there is no reason we can't dig an allotment in heels or co-ordinate our nail varnish to match the chicken coop*.




*if there is such a rule please don't tell us...




Dog keeps us grounded, dog keeps us fit.

Dog also prevents a great deal of work from happening.

Blame dog for any lapses in output.



Can you fill these boots?

We can be pretty picky but membership is open. If you think you'd like to be involved, and can apply eyeliner in a moving vehicle, get in touch.