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Oh lordy, we did our best. Four blogposts in a row and one nearby! Not bad by our reckoning.

It's quite the commitment keeping our avid reader entertained and informed as to our comings and goings, and sometimes things go wrong.

For example:

You may have noticed our last blog post was a few months ago. You may assume this is laziness. Not true!

Let me tell you a tale, spin you a yarn, erm, throw the book at you?

Always on the quest to improve ourselves (artistically, spiritually and intellectually) we've been delving into some dark arts.


Whilst digging though some ancient newspapers from the 80s we had found stuffed inside an antique moroccan footstool we came across this.

We fought, of course, but the road ahead was clear. Using google translate we read the page aloud and became engulfed in a putrid purple haze.

Our studio grew in impermanence and our spirits, untethered from our bodies, rose circling into the air.

Loosed from earthly moorings we moved between the planes (of existence, as far as we are aware we never got close to any main flight paths) answering questions that nobody had asked.

Ids and egos met, fell in love, went out for a bit then got sick of each other before exploding in a shower of sparks. It was a whole thing, is what we're saying.

Gradually we regained our form and corporeal once more the mists of the occult withdrew and left us with just plain mist. 

We found ourselves on the moors, naked, save for a single pair of cowboy boots and a rhinestone belt which we shared, for warmth.

We lit a fire using the spurs on the boots and by the light of a blood moon we danced the night away - we gave ourselves over to absolute pleasure, just like Frank said to, and the rest of the night was a fug of erotic nightmares and sins of the flesh. At one point a goat turned up and muttered some nonsense about delicious butter.


By morning the lessons we had learned began to head the way of all our education and become half remembered half truths. We disentangled ourselves from a pile by the fire and began to walk back to the studio. As we shouldered open the door we'd been meaning to fix and dressed ourselves in kaftans from the emergency kaftan box we keep above the downstair loo we shared our memories of the night before.


We managed one sheet of drawings between us. BUT were are very inspired now with lots of future projects. So watch this space.

Thank you for understanding our lack of recent blog posts. As you can imagine, this has all taken quite a bit of coming to terms with.



The GAG team


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