Shadowban, baby

You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet on Instagram lately, sorry about that.

You may have felt it more as a blessed relief in which case we can’t help you.

The reason is that a week ago we posted the following shocking image, that was taken down by instagram.

We assumed it was a mistake and reposted it, it wasn’t, they banned it again,

Ready for it?


Don’t blame us then…


Sorry about that. We’re as sad as you are that we’ve become accidental pornographers. Except, we aren’t, because we didn’t.

Better writers have written (better writers wouldn’t have written that) better articles on Instagrams nonsensical censorship guidelines. But now it’s happened to us so we get to go on about it.

This picture is a crop of a painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, painted in the 1880s and technically completely allowed under Instagrams own rules. We even obscured the nipples!

But you can’t tell Instagram that.


Since then we’re pretty sure we’ve been shadow banned, where the app restricts your posts to a very limited selection of people (those that engage most) which has shown us we need to connect more on these things.

But it’s also shown us we need to get out into the world. Without our steady stream of likes we’ve felt quite isolated out here, so from here on out we’re getting about the place more. Because aside from everything else, art looks a lot better big and in person.

Sam HortonComment